Digó Pizza (Kazinczy Street)

Digó puts out some of the best Naples-style pizza in Budapest. They operate two locations, both of them in the city center. The main one is a polished sit-down venue on Kazinczy Street right in the heart of the Party District, the other a seasonal pizza stand by Akvárium. As other upscale pizza shops around the world, Digó uses a wood-burning oven, extra fine “double-zero” flour, and a long, two-step dough fermentation to enhance flavor.

The pizzas are tasty and aromatic, exhibiting beautifully inflated crusts speckled with spots of char. I enjoyed the bianca with pungent Italian sausage, but the undisputed highlight is the mother of all Naples pizzas, the margherita DOP, using tomatoes from the San Marzano region and buffalo mozzarella.

You can't go wrong with either locations, but my experience is that the service and the atmospere is more casual at Akvárium and it's also there that you're more likely to engage in a friendly conversation with the pizzaiolos about, say, the technical challenges of a wood-burning oven (the individual logs burn differently).

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