Pizzica is Budapest’s first pizzeria that serves pizza al taglio: it’s a Roman invention where rectangular shaped pies are sliced with scissors and usually taken to-go. The tiny takeout space is run by Italian-native Paolo de Bartolomeo and his brother, who can be found most days sliding the cast-iron pans in and out of the electric oven at Pizzica.

Using a high hydration dough and well-risen breads thanks to a long fermentation, the focaccia-like base at Pizzica is wonderfully chewy and interspersed with air pockets, while also boasting a crispy crust and charred underbelly. The best slices, naturally, are the ones simply listed as “premium” (they each go for about €1.5, and two to three slices will fill the average appetite). The ever-changing toppings might include a tomato sauce-mortadella-arugula-truffle sauce, a bufala mozzarella-tomato sauce, or a sausage-mushroom-truffle sauce combination. All three are delicious.

A range of Hungarian craft beers are also available to wash it all down. There’s a bench outside Pizzica and a few tables in the upstairs section that features contemporary Hungarian artworks on the wall, but most people usually just eat their pizza on street a la romana.