Oriental Soup House is a bustling Vietnamese restaurant in Újlipótváros, a residential neighborhood a bit outside the city center. As soon as you enter, you will note the Asian cooks scurrying behind the open kitchen, always a good sign for a Vietnamese restaurant. The slim menu features 11 types of soups, of which the traditional beef pho (pho bo; €6), with a shimmering, flavorful broth and golden hue, is among the best I've had in Budapest, especially if you get it with thinly sliced tenderloins that quickly cook through in the steaming broth.

The bun cha, grilled pork belly patties with springy rice noodles and a profusion of fresh vegetables like cucumbers, coriander, and bean sprouts, is wonderfully refreshing (€6). Round out your meal with a Vietnamese chè dessert (€3), which is a luscious tapioca pudding with mango and pomegranate seeds.

Oriental Soup House is very popular, so try booking in advance. (If you don't, you may have to sit at one of the long communal tables in the middle of the space on uncomfortable, backless wooden stools.) After your meal, roam around the neighborhood, known for its modernist buildings from the 1930s and 1940s, especially the ones along Pozsonyi Road, the main artery of the area. Note that the restaurant has another location in downtown, but this one is the original.

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