Tera Magyar Konyhája

Tera Magyar Konyhája ("Tera's Hungarian Kitchen") is an affordable, self-service eatery in an unexpectedly prestigious pocket of Újlipótváros, a well-heeled Budapest neighborhood. At lunchtime, a cross section of local residents show up here, including over-80 senior citizens and trendy hipsters alike. What brings them together are low prices and reliable home-style dishes.

This is the drill: pick up a tray and silverware, get in line, and immediately start scanning the ready-made dishes stacked behind the glass, so you you know what to order when it's your turn. Then proceed to the cashier; by the time you've paid for your meal, a packed tray of Hungarian foods will be handed to you. Pick an empty seat—you will likely have to share a table with other customers—and enjoy your meal.

Tera Magyar Konyhája excels at the fried-and-breaded items, both in meat (cutlets, liver) and vegetable forms (mushrooms, cauliflower). A few types of stew dishes are also available. Of the desserts, placed in the refrigerator on the left, opt for the somlói galuska, a popular Hungarian sponge cake topped with whip cream and chocolate syrup. For the full experience and longest lines, go during lunchtime.