Tera Magyar Konyhája

Tera Magyar Konyhája ("Tera's Hungarian Kitchen") is an affordable self-service eatery in Újlipótváros, a charming and unusually tranquil Budapest neighborhood. At lunchtime, a cross section of local residents show up here that include 80+ senior citizens and trendy hipsters alike. What brings them together are the low prices and the reliable homestyle dishes.

This is the drill: pick up a tray and tableware, get in line, and immediately start scanning the ready-made dishes stacked behind the glass so you you know what to order when it's your turn. Then proceed to the cashier; by the time you've paid for your meal, a packed tray of Hungarian classics will be handed to you. You'll likely have to share a table with other customers.

Tera's strongest suit is the fried dishes, both in meats (cutlets, liver) and vegetables (mushrooms, cauliflowers). Of the desserts, which are placed in the refrigerator on the left, opt for the somlói galuska, a Hungarian sponge cake topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. For the full experience and longest lines, go during lunchtime.

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