In 2015, three young Vietnamese-Hungarians with a passion for cooking and a background in fashion and design launched a trendy Asian-fusion restaurant, Sáo, in the tourist-packed Jewish Quarter of Budapest. Encouraged by Sáo's success, they opened KHAN, another chic, Instragram-friendly venue, situated in the residential Újlipótváros neighborhood, a bit outside the city center.

Here, too, a striking interior complete with contemporary art, sleek wood finishes, concrete columns, and Asian collectibles is positively overwhelming. And here, too, the dishes are a collection of slightly overpriced and unremarkable Asian fare, ranging from dumplings (€5) to pho soups (€8), shrimp tempura (€6), fried rice (€8), and fried noodles (€9).

If a hopping spot with a glossy, meticulously designed interior—food is served in beautifully hand-crafted Vietnamese ceramic bowls—gets you going, then you will likely enjoy KHAN. Otherwise, you can explore some of Budapest's more under-the-radar Asian restaurants whose dishes generally pack more depth of flavor and come at lower price points (see the best Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese restaurants).