For a truly, deeply local experience, make your way to this food stall inside the Rákóczi Market Hall in Budapest's District 8. Hiding in the back of the building is JóKrisz lángos sütöde, a mom-and-pop, standing-only eatery that specializes in lángos, a traditional, deep-fried Hungarian flatbread.

JóKrisz's lángos is exactly as it should be: crispy, golden brown on the outside, and beautifully doughy and chewy inside. If unsure, get the classic version with sour cream and grated cheese toppings (€1.2). In addition to lángos, you should also try a couple of palacsinta, which are Hungarian crepes (€1). I especially like the ones with jam, cinnamon sugar, and Nutella fillings. JóKrisz makes some of the finest of this simple-but-delicious staple in Budapest.

JóKrisz Lángos Sütöde also serves breakfast food. I like to come here early in the mornings for the colorful cast of characters who flock here from the still mainly working-class neighborhood. In addition to the experience, the scrambled eggs with crisped-up sausages are worth the visit. Specify how you want your eggs done, then pair it with a thick slice of bread. Prices are rock bottom: the equivalent of €4 will buy you a full breakfast.