Opened in 1951, Balla-Hús is one of the few remaining standalone butcher shops in downtown Budapest. Balla's business model has evolved over the decades: instead of meat, today they mainly serve low-priced breakfast and lunch dishes to the shrinking number of local residents (Airbnb, I'm looking at you).

In the mornings, go for the scrambled eggs, which come sprinkled with crisped-up sausages and red paprika powder (€2.5)—expect a generous portion if the owner himself is preparing your plate. The lunch offerings include meat-heavy dishes that are laid out behind the glass. Think blood sausage and fried chicken liver. Pair them with a slice of bread or pickled vegetables, and let the wall painting of a Dionysian feast inspire your meal.

Balla Hús is one of the few places in Budapest's tourist-heavy downtown that serves a low-priced breakfast and lunch. As a result, locals flock to here, both construction workers, and office bureaucrats from the Mayor's Office around the corner. Warning: Balla-Hús is closed on weekends!