Csirke Csibész

Csirke Csibész is an iconic chicken sandwich shop in Budapest's District 6. The place has been serving chicken sandwiches since 1992, meaning that they know a thing or two about preparing poultry. As pizza, good chicken can be very democratic, bringing together people from all walks of life, which is certainly the case at Csirke Csibész, where construction workers and white collar employees alike line up for the flavorful fried and roasted birds here at lunchtime.

The main component of the sandwiches is an oversized fried-and-breaded breast fillet, topped with a creamy, mayo-based salad, and enclosed in a sesame roll. For the best experience, opt in for the fried chicken liver, adding a welcome textural and flavor contrast. The whole thing comes out to a wallet-friendly €2.5, and you won't have to worry about leaving hungry. For more interesting cuts, you can choose from thighs, wings, and even a whole roast bird from the rotisserie.

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