IGEN Pizza

As Neapolitans like to say, “when it comes to clothes and pizza, it’s always Naples over Rome." This proverb is taken to heart at Igen, a spacious pizza joint on the Buda side, churning out Naples-style pies all day long inside a wood-burning oven fueled by beech to achieve high heat and a smokey flavor. The Naples variety is known for an airy crust with splotches of char, and a soupy center. As customary, Igen uses a refined, type "00" flour to ensure a soft pizza dough.

The highlight is the margherita pizza DOP (€10), the signature Neapolitan pie, whose excellence lies in its simplicity: the only toppings are San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region. Tiramisu, as well as beers and wine are also served.

Note that Igen's pizzas are on the pricer side: the traditional 32cm / 12-inch pies run €7-10. Also, service can be brusque, especially during peak hours, when a 30-minute wait isn't unusual.