Most of the pizza you will find in Budapest’s countless Italian restaurants feel like afterthoughts, added to the menu for the sake of completeness. This isn’t the case at Igen, a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint located at the entrance of Budapest’s Party District.

As Neapolitans like to say, “when it comes to clothes and pizza, it’s always Naples over Rome”. At Igen, they faithfully follow the proverb and churn out of Naples-style pies all day long inside a wood-burning oven fueled by beech and acacia to achieve high heat and that coveted smoky flavor. Naples variety means an airy crust boasting splotches of char, and a soupy center. The undisputed highlight at Igen is the margherita pizza DOP, the signature Neapolitan pie. DOP denotes premium cheese imported from Italy: buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region and Parmigiano-Reggiano, complemented by San Marzano tomatoes and basil leaf. In addition, they use the finest grade of flour (type "00").

Unlike what the Neapolitan tradition would call for (uncut, whole pie only), at Igen the pizza arrives pre-sliced and half a pie is also available. Heads up: due to space limitations, Igen is a take-out only venue (customers often go next door to eat the pizzas on the benches of Központ, the bar next door). Igen is open until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, meaning that it also serves as a life-saver for many partygoers after a long night of drinking.