Gastwirtschaft Steman

Located a bit away from the city center near Mariahilfer Straße in District 6, Steman is a classic beisl – local Austrian eatery – that looks and feels the part, too: wooden bar counter, unadorned white walls, creaking floors, increasing noise levels as the night progresses. Most Austrian classics are available and taste pretty good.

I’ve had excellent beef in aspic drizzled with red onions (sülzchen), goulash, schnitzel, tafelspitz, kaiserschmarrn, and cottage cheese dumplings (topfenknödel). Mains are €16-22. Steman is still mainly a local’s haunt, many just drop by for a few beers before they hit the sack. Reservations are a must. The owners are also in charge of Cafe Jelinek, across the street, one of the more charming and cozy traditional cafes in Vienna.

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