Frici Papa Kifőzdéje

Although Frici Papa opened after the fall of the iron curtain, this eatery has rightfully become a darling for tourists who're looking to experience a piece of communist-era dining—prices are rock-bottom, cheap wood panelings decorate the walls, tablecloths are covered with sticky plastic, waiters are dressed as if parachuted here from the '80s.

The extensive menu features traditional Hungarian staples like beef stew with egg dumplings (€5), chicken paprikás (€5), and layered potatoes (€3). The food is far from Michelin-star level, but that's not the point here. I enjoy most the túrós csusza (€2), a cottage cheese- and cracklings-topped noodle dish, the poppy-seeds-coated mákos guba dessert (€2), and the palacsinta (Hungarian crepes) smothered in vanilla sauce (€1). Cash-only!

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