Frici Papa Kifőzdéje

Frici Papa is a tourist-heavy restaurant in Budapest favored by price sensitive visitors who're looking for low-priced Hungarian food and old-school vibes. With main dishes rarely exceeding €5-6, the prices are truly rock-bottom, even by local standards. The humble two-story interior features cheap wood paneling, tablecloths covered with sticky plastic, and waiters dressed as if parachuted here from the '80s.

The food? Well, let's just say most of the dishes will not make you want to return. The extensive menu comprises many Hungarian classics, including a beef stew with egg dumplings (€5) and chicken paprikash (€5). Among the least unpalatable choices are the cottage cheese-based túrós csusza noodle dish (€2), the mákos guba dessert blanketed in poppy seeds, and the palacsinta (Hungarian crepe) smothered in vanilla sauce (€1). Cash-only!

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