Frici Papa Kifőzdéje

Frici Papa is a tourist-heavy restaurant in Budapest favored by visitors and locals looking for low-priced Hungarian food and old-school vibes. With main dishes rarely exceeding €5-6, the prices are truly rock-bottom, even by local standards. The humble two-story interior features cheap wood paneling, tablecloths covered with sticky plastic, and waiters dressed as if parachuted here from the '80s.

The extensive menu comprises Hungarian classics — beef stew with egg dumplings; stuffed cabbage; chicken paprikash — most of which are far from memorable. Among the better options are the cottage cheese-based túrós csusza noodle dish sprinkled with pork fat, the mákos guba dessert blanketed in poppy seeds, and the Hungarian crepes (palacsinta). Cash-only!

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