Akácfa Étkezde

Everyday neighborhood residents and local office workers alike line up for homestyle Hungarian dishes at Akácfa Étkezde, a modest self-service eatery on a side street of Budapest's old Jewish Quarter. The eclectic decor features landscape paintings and pre-war living-room furnishings, while the sticky, checkered tablecloths are pure 1980s nostalgia.

Akácfa Étkezde serves unfussy traditional Hungarian dishes, including beef and pork stew, roast sausage, various schnitzels, vegetable stews (főzelék), and Hungarian crepes (palacsinta). Portions are generous, the prices rock-bottom. Don't expect a fine-dining kitchen, but here you can experience the type of eateries everyday locals frequent and that are largely absent in downtown in the present day. Closed on the weekend!

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