Globally known as the temple of fine schnitzels, Vienna’s Figlmüller needs little introduction. Starting in 1905 with a humble city center wine tavern, the restaurant has since ballooned into an empire with six locations, hundreds of employees, and an annual turnover in excess of €30 million. Today, Figlmüller is a restaurant for tourists – a big and successful commercial enterprise. Most of my Viennese friends have never been, preferring smaller family restaurants with comparable food.

If you do decide to try it, know that pork schnitzel is the name of the game; the thinly pounded, tender loin arrives enclosed in a crunchy crust and dangling off the plate. The potato salad on the side is less memorable than the main act, which is indeed among the best schnitzels in Vienna (together with the side, it comes out to €24, a bit pricier than at most places).

The original location, Figlmüller Wollzeile, is rustic and cramped, while Figlmüller Bäckerstraße, just steps away, is more spacious and modern with a wider menu.

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