DiVino Wine Bar

DiVino is a trendy wine bar in the heart of Budapest's downtown. You can sip a glass of Hungarian red or white here while enjoying the picture-postcard view of the St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest's biggest church. Touristy it may be, still, it’s a sight to behold. DiVino is most enjoyable from the outdoor tables during the warm-weather months (the dimly-lit, soulless interior has a club-like atmosphere).

DiVino's 150 types of wines come from leading Hungarian wineries, both big (Takler, Heimann, Konyári) and small (Pendits). Split by region, all winemakers are listed on the walls. If you need some food to mop up the alcohol, go for the cheese (€11), charcuterie (€8), or mixed (€15) platter. The customers are a mix of tourists who pass by the area, and 30-plus Hungarians who enjoy sceney spots.