Digó Pizza

Digó started out as a pop-up pizzeria before finding a permanent home in the very epicenter of Budapest by Deák Square. They haven’t entirely shed their nomadic past, as the current venue, a small container-looking rectangular space, still feels like a temporary home. But what matters more is that Digó, which specializes in Naples-style pies, makes some of the best pizza in Budapest.

The Digó team’s competence and passion shone through after I asked some questions about their pizza-making process. With visible enthusiasm, they went on to explain the benefits of using a soft (“00”) flour, the optimal texture of the dough, and the two-step fermentation. And also the technical challenges of a wood-burning oven (the individual logs burn differently), which is what they use here. So, how are the pizzas? They're excellent - tasty and aromatic, and exhibit beautifully inflated crusts that are speckled with spots of blond, brown, and char.

I enjoyed the bianca with piquante Italian sausage (€6), but the undisputed highlight at Digó was the mother of all pizzas, the margherita DOP (€8). DOP denotes premium ingredients, with the tomatoes coming from the San Marzano region in the south of Naples, and the mozzarella being made from buffalo cheese according to traditional recipe. A note of caution: rain or shine, you will have to eat in the open air.