Cube Coffee Bar

The outer part of District 6, beyond the Grand Boulevard, isn't teeming with specialty coffee shops as is the city center. In fact, Cube, a hip café occupying a hole in the wall, is a lonely warrior in the neighborhood, pushing the boundaries of new-wave coffee one batch brew at a time. The options include everything you’d expect with both espresso-based (cappuccino, cortado, flat white) and filter coffee (V60, cold brew). There are also croissants, wraps, salads, cakes, and bottled craft beer. On Sunday mornings, Cube serves a brunch pre-fix until 2 p.m. for €7.

The interior features the standard contemporary design elements—exposed brick, subway tiles, Edison light bulbs—but what stand out are the original terrazzo floors. These gray-and-white tiles are ubiquitous across Budapest households and they lend a uniquely local feel to the whole space.