Cube Coffee Bar

The outer part of District 6, beyond the Grand Boulevard, isn't swarming with specialty coffee shops as is the city center. In fact, Cube, a hip café occupying a hole in the wall, is a lonely warrior in the neighborhood, pushing the boundaries of new-wave coffee one batch brew at a time.

The options here include everything you’d expect, featuring both espresso-based (cappuccino, cortado, flat white) and filter coffees (V60, cold brew). There's also some food— croissants, wraps, salads, cakes—and Sunday mornings they serve a pre-fix brunch until 2 p.m. for €7. The contemporary interior design with exposed bricks, subway tiles, and Edison light bulbs is a bit yawn-inducing until you see the original terrazzo floor. These gray-and-white tiles used to be ubiquitous across Budapest households but now they're fast disappearing so I'm glad they retained this bit of design history.

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