Does Budapest need another specialty coffee shop? The answer is not obvious to me, but if it’s a “yes," then more of them should be like Dorado Café. This 2018 newcomer occupies a large, plant-filled space on the rapidly gentrifying Klauzál Street, inside the old Jewish Quarter. Unlike in the hole-in-the-wall cafés that are so common in Budapest, here patrons are welcome to linger with free wifi on the long communal table without feeling rushed.

Hungarian-Spanish owner duo, Emese Görföl and Mario Jimenez, give Dorado an endearing character; they’re kind, attentive, and know coffee. In a city where service staff is notoriously grouchy, these are precious qualities. Dorado uses Ethiopian, Brazilian, and Colombian coffee beans, which are light-roasted locally. Options range from cold brews to V60 hand pour-overs, and espresso-based drinks prepared with a slick, matte black La Marzocco machine. A variety of fresh pastries and fruit juices are also available.