Blue Bird Cafe & Roastery (Rumbach Str.)

Never mind the uncanny resemblance to Blue Bottle Coffee, the pioneering California-based coffee company, Blue Bird is a Hungarian coffee roaster and specialty coffee shop inside Budapest's tourist-heavy Jewish Quarter. Before you enter, take a peek at the impressive synagogue soaring on the opposite side of the street, designed in 1872 by the famous Austrian architect, Otto Wagner.

Blue Bird’s extensive filter coffee options would make most coffee shops look like mere beginners: there's everything from V60 to Chemex, Aeropress, Frenchpress, Siphon, and cold brew. The premium Arabica beans are sourced from nine countries and you can also buy them in packaged form. If you'd like some alcohol to go with your caffeine, try "Sasha's choice," a cold brew-infused bottled beer, the result of a collaboration between Blue Bird and Horizont, a local microbrewery.

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