Zum Schwarzen Kameel

Zum Schwarzen Kameel, which goes back to 1618, is a legendary restaurant within Vienna's upscale shopping district. This buzzing establishment has both fans and detractors and is best-known for the crowd it attracts: posh, showy, a bit vulgar, but altogether adorable middle-aged Viennese. Picture chic fifty-somethings enviably enjoying themselves with a chilled bottle of champagne. The restaurant's enormous terrace serves as a theatrical see-and-be-seen stage throughout the whole year (heated in the winter).

Instead of pricey Viennese classics, you can also just drop in for a few of the open-faced sandwiches served from the display glass at the front. They're the specialty of the house (ham and horseradish! salmon! eggs spread!) and no one is going to turn up their noses at you if you get a few of those with a glass of the house Grüner while enjoying the vibes. Perhaps snobby, but not elitist is the Kameel!

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