Szimply is a highly popular breakfast-all-day restaurant in the cobble-stoned courtyard of a historic downtown building in Budapest. It's next to impossible to find an open table at this closet-sized breakfast nook. The short menu is a collection of on-trend international breakfast staples, most of which are pricey and expertly prepared. Naturally, there's avocado toast, strewn with chickpeas, beets, pickled onions, and ruccola. The menu changes seasonally but it's usually heavy on vegan and gluten-free options. In the name of good health, Szimply doesn't serve alcohol.

The crowd, as you may have already guessed, consists of chic Millennial tourists. If you order coffee, it will arrive from Kontakt, a specialty coffee shop next door and run by the same owners (with a strict "no americano" and "no sugar" policy).

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