Salon Restaurant

Salon is a fine dining restaurant in Budapest inside the historic and jaw-droppingly ornate New York Café, one of the city's top tourist attractions. Salon's seasonal dishes feature the usual suspects of Hungarian fine dining—foie gras, quail, mangalica pork, and venison saddle. Head chef András Wolf is in charge of both the New York Cafe and Salon, but their kitchens are operated separately.

Salon incorporates common techniques of modern haute cuisine including light foams, as well as texture and unexpected flavor combinations. The dishes are visually stunning and flavorful. The 7-course tasting menu will set you back by €95 per person (€145 with wine pairing). A 4-course option is also available for €65 / €110.

My only issue with Salon has to do with its location: The fact that it shares a space with the New York Café, complete with marble columns, frescoes, and carved acanthus leaves, detracts more than adds to the dining experience. Not only because tourists on the other side of the hall can get noisy, but contemporary fine dining is moving away from this type of glitz and glamour towards lighter, more relaxed settings. Perhaps this is part of the reason that Salon is less than half-full most evenings.

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