Quán Nón Restaurant

A sleek dining space, trilingual menus, and a prime downtown location aren't usually hallmarks of Budapest's modest, mom-and-pop Vietnamese restaurants. Not so with Quán Nón. The standout dish here is the bun cha, a northern Vietnamese staple of grilled pork patties paired with rice vermicelli and the sweet-sour nước chấm dressing. The pork arrives perfectly marinated and with splotches of char from the grill.

Broken rice, cơm tấm, is another rarely seen Vietnamese classic of roast pork with rice (its name comes from the broken grains of rice that Vietnamese famers couldn’t sell and had to eat themselves). The beef pho will also not disappoint. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food and the central location — if you’re looking for a relatively formal Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Budapest, Quán Nón is a great option.

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