Hú Lù Lu is a small Vietnamese restaurant in Budapest’s party district, the type of place where the food speaks louder than the decor (always the better combination). Two Vietnamese-Hungarian twentysomethings, originally from Nghệ An in north-central Vietnam, set out to serve up dishes from their home region alongside Vietnamese classics.

The highlight here is the bún bò Huế, a chili-laced spicy noodle soup from central Vietnam sporting herbs, thin slices of beef shank, shaved pork knuckles, and Vietnamese ham (€6). Use the side of chili peppers to spruce up the heat level to your needs. The classic pho soups — available with beef, chicken, and shrimp — are of the milder, northern Vietnamese variety. The bun cha, a noodle dish with a grilled pork patty and a mound of herbs, will also not disappoint. Apart from traditional Vietnamese food, Hú Lù Lu also serves fried rice, dumplings, and Vietnamese drip coffee, both iced and hot.

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