Kőleves Kert (Outdoor Only)

Bar recommendations on the tourist-heavy Kazinczy Street must be taken with a grain of salt, but you can still find excellent bars here apart from the growing number of tourist-oriented places (rule of thumb: skip those with prominently displayed "Hungarian goulash" signs). Kőleves Kert, which isn’t to be mistaken with the popular Kőleves restaurant next door, is one of those summertime treasures in the form of a laid-back, all-welcoming outdoor bar.

You order at the wooden structure in the front, then trek through the ankle-deep gravel to find yourself an open seat by the colorful tables canopied by overhanging trees. By day, many freelancers work here, come evening, and groups of locals and tourists of all ages descend on Kőleves Kert and usually fill the space to capacity. Although most people come here for simple drinks like beers and fröccs, the popular Hungarian wine spritzer, there's also some food. It's a bit hit-or-miss; my favorite is the "tócsni," a fried potato very similar to a latke, which comes with cream cheese and sweet chili.