Csendes Társ (Outdoor Only)

Csendes Társ is a cute, outdoor-only café by Károlyi-kert, a spotless park in Budapest known for its colorful flower beds and manicured lawns. The place feels like an island of peace within the hustle and bustle of downtown. I like to come here for a late breakfast (they open at 10 a.m.), or for drinks in the evening when the neighborhood has quieted down and colorful lanterns provide atmospheric lighting.

The menu consists of wallet-friendly breakfast foods, snacks, and wines. Two of my favorites are the fried sausage paired with a side of mustard and flatbread (€5), and the homemade hummus spread (€6). The extensive wine list features Hungarian-only wines; most locals order fröccs, a refreshing wine spritzer made from white or rosé. Note that Csendes Társ is usually open from April to mid-October.

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