Instant & Fogas Ház

Instant & Fogas Ház isn't so much a ruin bar as a massive club featuring 18 bar counters and 7 dance floors. This enormous venue is inside Budapest's party district, in an 1861 landmark-protected building with a crumbling facade. Instant & Fogas Ház isn't the best place to experience the ruin bar ambience, but visiting it can be worthwhile if you're in the mood for dancing as most other ruin bars have little space for breaking it down.

Drinks have become pricier over the years, meaning that it's mostly an international crowd that comes here. Instant & Fogas Ház is particularly popular among fun-loving bachelor parties crews, in case that's not (or it is) the crowd you care to mingle with. On Friday and Saturday nights there's often a line to get in.

With a separate entry, but inside here is also Lärm, Budapest's leading techno and electronic club.