UdvarRom is a low-priced ruin bar in Budapest's old Jewish Quarter. Like other ruin bars, it's inside a weathered pre-war building, but the place is less creatively furnished and also features unusual items you'd normally not find in a ruin bar, for example flat screen TVs and punching machines.

Instead of the decor, the price points are the main draw of UdvarRom: Just over a euro will buy you a shot of vodka, which you can chase with a glass of draft beer for around the same price, hence the penniless local teenagers and college students, both foreign and Hungarian, who swarm the place (don’t be surprised if you're the only person over 25 in the line to the bar). Also note that the inside, once the courtyard of the building, is designated as an outdoor area so smoking is allowed and fully taken advantage of. There's a burger shop on the ground floor in case you want to keep your blood alcohol level in check.

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