Hintaló Iszoda

In Hungarian "hintaló" means rocking horse, of which you'll find plenty in this charmingly grungy bar located a bit outside the city center in District 8. The place gets packed most evenings with a crowd heavy on international students, many of them German. Hintaló boasts a more interesting drinks menu than what you'd find at your typical neighborhood bar: there are local craft beers on tap, several kinds of amaros, gins, and rums.

The homey, two-floored space has plenty of nooks and crannies, making it a good date spot, too. The neighborhood, although rapidly developing, is different from the more touristy areas of Budapest, but this shouldn’t stop you from discovering the less-traveled sides of Budapest. (The lively atmosphere inside is in stark contrast to the deserted backstreet Hintaló is situated on.)

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