Heunisch & Erben

Heunisch & Erben is an upscale wine bar and restaurant lining the main road of Vienna's not particularly exciting District 3, a short walk from the city center. The highlight here is the assortment: More than a hundred wines by the glass are available, most of them local. Wine-fans can explore obscure Austrian regions, for example the Traisental in Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) or Steiermark in the south, known for its sauvignon blancs.

Well-known Austrian labels from Wachau, Kremstal, and Burgenland are also stacked, as are natural wine producers. Take advantage of the "1/16" option, smaller pours that won't break the bank and allow for more wines to taste. While mainly a wine bar, the oversized space also serves notably expensive fine-dining-leaning dishes, meaning the crowd is heavy on shirts and suits. Closed on the weekend!

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