Unger und Klein

If Vienna’s fancy wine bars, such as Heunisch & Erben and MAST, are too uppity for your taste, I recommend you try Unger & Klein right in the city center. Opened in 1992, the place on Rudolfsplatz draws a well-off but pretense-free crowd of downtown residents with a wide selection of mainly Austrian wines. Bottles by seminal producers are stacked on the shelves, including the Rieslings of Johannes Hirsch (Kamptal) and Knoll (Wachau).

For reds, there's Moric, Nittnaus, Preisinger and many others from Burgenland, the home of the Blaufränkisch. You could also opt for an easy-drinking Gemischter Satz, the Grüner-forward blend made on the Viennese slopes ringing the city. Toasted sandwiches for the side!

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