Fahéj Kávézó

Fahéj is a cute café and bar located on a quite backstreet in Budapest's downtown. Fahéj eschews the overly trendy vibes and tourist-oriented approach of many places in the neighborhood, relying instead on a loyal group of regulars, both young and old. This they do by serving low-priced drinks inside an atmospheric space that consists of two high-ceilinged rooms complete with wood flooring, bookshelves, and small round tables, all of which lend the space an intellectual air.

Fahéj works well for a casual weeknight drink, a date, or a heart-to-heart over a bottle of wine in the quiter room in the back of the space. Go for a hot wine or rum & tea during the colder months, and a draft beer by the outdoor tables in the al fresco season. Also, the toasted sandwiches are cheap and tasty. Cash only!