Do you want to impress your friends that Budapest has trendy restaurants, as hip as those in the East Village? You’ll most likely get a kick out of DOBRUMBA if you’re in for the chic atmosphere, nonchalantly cool design, international food, and trendy foreigners surrounding you. The (largely vegetarian) menu, however, is a bit hit-or-miss. In the shakshuka, the vegetables don’t quite come together to form a distinctive flavor as they should. And the hummus with paprika lacks taste, character, and a creamy texture. On the other hand, the labneh, smothered with chives and olive oil, and the baba ganoush, are light and delicious, as is the basbousa, a cooked sweet semolina cake topped with a creamy yogurt and pomegranate seeds. The piri piri chicken will also not disappoint. The understated interior design lends the space a markedly Middle Eastern feel. When combined with the lively ambiance and central location (in the buzzing Jewish Quarter), it’s understandable why Dobrumba is currently one of the most hyped-up Budapest restaurants. Reservations are a must.