Dang Muoi (Attila Street)

Sometimes excellent restaurants turn up in the most unlikely places - Dang Muoi is situated along a noisy Buda road teeming with cars but not many pedestrians. Not exactly a restaurateur's dream location. So it's all the more promising that the place-against the odds-is usually packed with customers. Dang Muoi started out in the 1990s as a food stall on the now-demolished Asian street market on the other side of the Danube River. They have since expanded to five locations across Budapest, having seemingly found a way to Hungarians' hearts and stomachs. The Dang Muoi restaurants are generally affordable, plain spaces but it is the food that sings here.

Although most locals generally stick to familiar pho soups, fried rice plates, and spring rolls, which are all good here, Dang Muoi also serves some of the less popular Vietnamese dishes in Budapest. The best of what I tried was the bun cha, which at Dang Muoi comes with intensely flavorful strips of grilled pork belly paired with a generous portion of fresh vegetables. The star of the show is another rarely-found pork belly dish, thit heo quay, a Chinese-style roast pork with crackly skin and a side of steamed rice and fish sauce. Don't miss it.