Bestia is a buzzing restaurant in the heart of Budapest specializing in pricey grilled meats. With a picture-postcard view of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, an edgy industrial chic decor, and loud music blasting through the speakers, it has quickly become a favorite among trendy tourists and locals alike. If you’re feeling adventurous, start your meal with the roasted bone marrow and toast: silky, jiggly white stuff arriving inside two massive slabs of veal shanks. Scoop out the rich fat and spread it on the whole wheat toast (€10).

Also good are the pork ribs (€19) — made in a Josper charcoal burning oven — imparting a smoky flavor and glazed in a sweet-tart barbecue sauce. If premium cuts of steaks are your speed, you can have it all here. But you're better off skipping the undersized Angus burger with a side of sad-looking roast potatoes for a whopping €14. Bestia's full-service bar serves both customized cocktails of local craft beers on draft.

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