Located inside the tourist-heavy Gozsdu Courtyard, Spíler is one of the most popular restaurants within Budapest's buzzing Jewish Quarter. The massive space features three, highly-Instagrammable dining rooms that operate at capacity most evenings. The menu comprises reliably made international staples — think nachos, wings, burgers — and also traditional Hungarian classics like goulash (€6), chicken paprikash (€9), and pörkölt (€13), which is a paprika-laced beef stew with egg barley. Local wines, and almost 30 kinds of bottled craft beers are available for pairing. With most dishes below €10, prices are reasonable for this prime location.

Tangentially related to Spíler is the fact that its owner, a successful Budapest restaurateur, was publicly accused of gaining unfair commercial advantage over other restaurants using his political connections. This doesn’t lessen Spíler’s merits as a restaurant, but something to keep in mind as you decide where to spend your money.

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