WARMUP is a small craft cocktail bar in Budapest’s party district best known for operating without a fixed menu; instead, customers have to put themselves in the hands of the bartenders. You give them a few hints, and they take care of the rest. Do you enjoy rum with a spicy kick? A Dark 'n' Stormy (€7) is in order for you. Are you a Negroni fan but don't mind a little creativity? They'll swap the gin for silky Unicum Riserva (€11), a local liqueur. You can also simply just utter a few flavors like "sweet," "sour," or "dry," and you're unlikely to be disappointed by what they concoct for you.

Know before you go that WARMUP is one of the more laid-back cocktail bars in Budapest. Speakeasy vibes don't reign supreme here and the bartenders eschew the standard cocktail bartender uniform—no bow ties, vests, and suspenders here.

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