Központ Cafe

Központ is a bar that's popular among Budapest's 30s and 40s liberal establishment. The place is located at the entry of the old Jewish Quarter, near the arched, red-bricked group of buildings you've likely already come across.

During the day, Központ doubles as a specialty café, drawing international, hipster-leaning customers who settle down here with their MacBooks. Come nighttime, the crowd turns more local with journalists, musicians, and people from non-profits and the fashion industry. The best night tends to be Friday - it's not unusual that the throng overflows to the sidewalks until the wee hours. Drinks here are a bit more expensive than at other bars on this list, but for most foreigners prices will still feel affordable. Meaningful overlap exists between Központ and Telep, the bar across the street from Központ, with groups of people noticeably shuffling back and forth between the two.

While Központ is mainly a bar, DJs are in charge of the tunes a couple of nights a week (on Tuesday evenings, Balázs Pándi, a local jazz drummer, spins wide-ranging contemporary-jazz records).