Indigo Indian Restaurant

Many local Indian expats would tell you that their go-to Indian restaurant in Budapest is Indigo, and an Indian restaurant hardly needs better points of reference. Indigo is toward the higher end of the narrow range of Indian restaurants in Budapest, although now there are many more places than in 2005 when Indigo opened (a few years ago Indigo launched a sister location on the Buda side).

You'll find the typical North Indian collection of dishes here including samosas (€3), tandoori chicken (€9), lamb biryani (€10), and butter chicken (€9). Of the meat dishes, the fragrant chicken korma (€9) and the light and flavorful butter chicken stood out most. Vegetarians should opt for the creamy dal makhani (€6), a buttery dish from Punjab made from black lentils and beans, and the saag paneer, a plate of flavored spinach—infused with ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and chiles—and pieces of mild Indian cheese. Compared with Taj Mahal restaurant, the spice levels here are more subdued.

The only duds were the insipid pakora fritters; save some stomach space and instead round out your meal with the pistachio-studded kulfi (€3), a traditional Indian milk-based frozen dessert.

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