Hunnia Bisztró

Perhaps it's not the most inviting of places, but trust me, it's worth proceeding down the stairs to Hunnia, an adoringly grungy, below-ground music bar in Budapest. Hunnia is best known for its live concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings, when A- and B-level Hungarian bands take over the tiny stage. Expect a packed venue and a bohemian crowd of 40-plus regulars who sing along louder and more passionately as the night progresses (you can check their concert schedule).

Many of the bands who play here were part of Budapest's alternative music scene during the later years of communism, in the '70s and '80s. Today, some of them are still going strong, as are their gray-haired, loyal fans. If you're looking for a deeply local (musical) experience, this is it. Ironically, Hunnia, a by all means anti-establishment bar, is located inside Budapest's upscale financial district, almost right across the Central Bank's grand building.