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What is it?

From the tail of Queen Elizabeth's wedding gown to gleaming contemporary design pieces, a total of 200 clothing items present the outfits of choice of the Hungarian upper crust between the 18th and the 21st centuries.

BAK 80

Art gallery exhibit
What is it?

Budapest's leading art gallery, acb, celebrates the 80th birthday of the master of Hungarian abstract painting, Imre Bak. The ambitious exhibit features works spanning over fifty years. Bak's striking paintings are best known for his use of strong colors and geometric shapes.


Temporary Museum Exhibit
What is it?

Klára Rotschild (1903-1976) was a legendary fashion designer in Budapest. Her clothes were sought after by the Hungarian high society, and also first ladies from around the world. She managed to keep her boutique going even during the communist era. The exhibit features Rothschild's design pieces and her personal belongings.

What is it?

István Farkas was one of the most original painters of Hungarian Modernism following WWI. Through 170 works, you can appreciate his unique pictorial world and technical sophistication. Farkas was among the thousands of Hungarian Jews who died tragically in Auschwitz during the Holocaust.