The 6 Best Thai Restaurants in Budapest

For a city whose Thai community numbers less than a thousand, Budapest has a surprisingly good representation of Thai restaurants. Spicy green-papaya salad with sticky rice from the Isan region of northeastern Thailand is just as readily available as stir-fried noodles, coconut curries, over-rice dishes, and the signature Thai dessert, mango sticky rice. Here, the best Thai restaurants in Budapest.

#1 Rim Thanonh Thai Food

In 2018, three Thai ladies, two of whom had been working in Thai kitchens in Budapest, decided to strike out on their own. Their restaurant, Rim Thanonh, is a pocket-sized, two-floored space on the edge of the city's Party District, near the Grand Boulevard. With a bare-bones, undecorated interior, Rim Thanonh isn’t the type of place where you go for birthday celebrations or business dinners, but if tasty and reasonably priced home-style Thai food is what you’re after, I can’t think of a better place in Budapest.

#2 Ngon Street Food

If you're on the fence whether it's worth trekking out to a Budapest outskirt for a Thai meal, here's a little encouragement: Ngon Street Food is easily accessible by public transport (take bus #9 from Astoria) and it's among the top Thai restaurants in Budapest. Also, once here, you can catch a glimpse of one of the city's two Chinatowns (it actually has more Vietnamese than Chinese vendors these days).

#3 Parázs Presszó Thai Restaurant (Jókai Street)

Budapest's Thai restaurants can be grouped into two categories: there are a few formal establishments with a service staff and a comprehensive drinks menu, while most others comprise mom-and-pop takeouts with slim menus and operating out of small, undecorated spaces. Parázs is the best representative of the former genre, so if a proper, sit-down Thai meal is what you're after, head to Parázs Presszó Restaurant in District 6, not far from downtown. Know before you go that Parázs isn't cheap by local standards; main dishes are €9-15.

#4 Kao Niaw Ping Kai Restaurant

I'll start with the bad news: Kao Niaw Ping Kai Restaurant is located on one of the least inviting stretches of Budapest, the multi-lane Rákóczi Road, where the constant stream and pollution of car traffic has all but cleared the area of pedestrians. But don't despair. A quick bus-ride from downtown (take #5, #7, #110, #112, or #178) will drop you right outside the restaurant, so you won't need to inhale any exhaust fumes.

#5 Bangkok Thai Étterem

Bangkok Thai Étterem is one of Budapest's oldest Thai restaurants, occupying a below-ground space near the Grand Market Hall and the tourist-heavy Váci Street. This, of course, means that most customers here are foreigners. Golden Buddha statues and fading celebrity photos line the walls—hello Matt Damon and Yoko Ono!—and lend an adorably dated feel to the inside.

#6 Tom Yum Thai Restaurant

Tom Yum is a Thai restaurants in Budapest lining the city's sumptuous Andrássy Avenue. Led by a duo of native Thai chefs, the kitchen covers all pillars of Thai food, including chili-inflected spicy dishes, stir-fries, over-rice dishes, and coconut curries. There are several Thai restaurants in Budapest that put out more nuanced dishes than Tom Yum, but if you're craving Thai food near downtown, it's the most conveniently located.

Rankings are based on a combination of food/drink, atmosphere, service, and price. The author visits all restaurants incognito and pays for his own meals and drinks.