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The 11 Best Casual Outdoor Bars In Budapest, Summer 2018

These outdoor bars eschew the glitzy vibes of many downtown locations, instead catering to local residents from all walks of life with moderately priced drinks and intimate locations. These bars are ideal for spending quality time with trusted friends - no hurry, no pretensions here. If cocktails and buzzier venues are more your speed, try these fashionable Budapest outdoor bars too.


#1 PONTOON (Outdoor Only)

PONTOON is an outdoor bar in Budapest's downtown, situated on a precious stretch of the Danube River's bank with front-row views of several Budapest landmarks including the Chain Bridge, the Castle Hill, and the Matthias Church. Besides the scenic views, PONTOON is known for hosting high-quality live music performances, which often feature leading local bands across a variety of genres. These almost daily musical acts draw a mainly local crowd, despite PONTOON being located in a tourist-saturated downtown area..

#2 Csendes Társ (Outdoor Only)

Csendes Társ is an outdoor-only café set along Károlyi kert, a charming public park in Budapest with colorful flower beds and manicured lawns. The area feels like an island of peace within the hustle and bustle of downtown. I enjoy coming here for a late breakfast (they open at 10 a.m.), or for drinks in the evenings when the neighborhood is quiet and colorful lanterns provide intimate lighting..

#3 Kőleves Kert (Outdoor Only)

Bar recommendations on the tourist-heavy Kazinczy Street must be taken with a grain of salt, but you can still find excellent bars here apart from the growing number of tourist-oriented places (rule of thumb: skip those with prominently displayed "Hungarian goulash" signs). Kőleves Kert, which isn’t to be mistaken with the popular Kőleves restaurant next door, is one of those summertime treasures in the form of a laid-back, all-welcoming outdoor bar. .

#4 Valyo Kikötő Budapest (Outdoor Only)

Have you ever felt that the only thing painfully absent from Budapest was a quiet spot by the Danube bank, where you could watch the sunset with your feet submerged in the refreshingly cool water and all the while sip on a cold beer? Valyo Kikötő, this 2018 newcomer to Budapest's open air bar scene, might just be the answer to many of us..

#5 Anker't

Anker't ruin bar is located on a charming Budapest backstreet just a stone’s throw away from both the grand Andrassy Avenue and the gritty Jewish Quarter. As soon as you enter, you will recognize a ruin bar before you: the scaffolded, crumbling facade of the almost 200-year-old building - it was built in 1833 - hides thick, skeletal brick and limestone walls. .

#6 Kertem (Outdoor Only)

Although Kertem (“My Garden”) is the largest outdoor bar in Budapest's City Park, it somehow flies under the radar of most tourists. Many visitors have been to the City Park, but they usually just go in and out of Széchenyi Thermal Bath, barely noticing the expansive green space around them teeming with treasures like Kertem. The crowd at Kertem consists of a melting pot of locals residents from both the inner and outer city, often accompanied by their dogs. .

#7 Pagony (Outdoor Only)

Pagony bar is the product of an ingenious idea: what was formerly the children's section of the historic Gellért Baths has been transformed into this delightful outdoor venue. This means, for example, that the bar counter is inside the former sauna building, several of the tables have been lowered into the empty swimming pools, and still the bath’s original wrought-iron lamps illuminate the space each night. Next to Pagony's entrance, you can see the underpass that used to connect to the main, and still functional wing of Gellért Baths on the other side of the street. .

#8 Pántlika Bistro (Outdoor Only)

Pántlika is an outdoor bar tucked away in the far and quieter corner of the City Park. If you need a break after having visited too many tourist attractions (Heroes Square, Vajdahunyad Castle, Széchenyi Thermal Bath), Pántlika offers a peaceful refuge for a well-deserved bottle of cold beer and some snacks. .

#9 Bambi Eszpresszó

If you're looking to immerse yourself in a lively, communist-era neighborhood bar that doubles as a breakfast joint, I can't think of a better place than Bambi Eszpresszó in Buda. What makes Bambi the real deal? It isn’t trying to show off an artificial ("retro"), unremembered past – it’s a genuine throwback. .

#10 Jónás Craft Beer House

Due to bad urban planning, cars have better access to Danube River views than city residents in Budapest. A handful of Budapest bars, however, can boast a precious river panorama, and Jónás Craft Beer House is one of them. So, while sipping a citrusy pale ale, you can marvel at Gellért Hill and the stately building of the Budapest University of Technology on the opposite bank. If you come from the city center, take tram #2 for a scenic ride along the Danube and get off at Zsil utca, which drops you almost right outside Jónás Craft Beer House.

#11 Pótkulcs Budapest

Trust me, the address is accurate - persist in your search and you will be handsomely rewarded. Pótkulcs is a hidden local bar nestled inside a former light engineering workshop in Budapest's District 6. It’s worth walking around this mostly working class neighborhood to appreciate the extent to which Budapest's once grand housing stock was left to decay during communism and, in areas like this, even after that (in downtown, many buildings have recently been refurbished). .
Rankings are based on a combination of food/drink, atmosphere, service, and price. The author visits all restaurants incognito.