At the turn of the 20th century, Budapest’s Grand Boulevard was teeming with coffeehouses. The coffeehouse served as a home away from home for countless people, many of them artists, who came here to socialize and to work while nursing precious cups of coffee. Today, however, the area paints a gloomy picture—second-hand clothing stores and overlit gyro joints swarm this once truly grand boulevard.

But perhaps WARMCUP will catalyze the area's coffee revival? WARMCUP is a specialty coffee shop sharing a space and many customers with the ticketing area of Art+Cinema, an independent movie theater. There's expertly prepared pour-over (made with a Hario V60 dripper), cold brew, espresso, hot chocolate, or matcha latte here. Also, no one is going to kick you out if you decide to linger for a few hours.

We visit all places incognito, pay for our own meals and drinks, and write independent reviews.