WARMCUP Budapest

At the turn of the 20th century, Budapest’s Grand Boulevard was teeming with coffeehouses. Penniless artists and locals of all backgrounds hung out in coffeehouses day and night, discussing politics, romance, and missed rent payments, while nursing precious cups of coffee. Cafés were the center of social life. Today, however, the area paints a gloomy picture - second hand clothing stores and uninviting gyro vendors swarm this once truly grand boulevard.

Perhaps WARMCUP is the early bird pioneering the coffee revival of the street? Who knows. But if you’re around here, it’s worth stopping by for a cup of expertly prepared pourover (made with a Hario V60 dripper), cold brew, espresso, hot chocolate, or matcha latte. WARMCUP shares a common space, and many customers, with Art+Cinema, an independent movie theater, meaning that most customers here are culturally minded coffee drinkers.