Wang Fu (Mimóza) Chinese Restaurant

For a communal dining experience in Budapest, consider visiting Wang Fu (Mimóza), a long-standing Chinese hot pot restaurant a bit outside the city center. First, you'll need to choose the ingredients from two oversized fridges located by the entrance and containing a countless variety of raw meats and vegetables. In the meantime, servers will prepare the cooking broths at your table. The fun begins when you start dipping the ingredients into the hot liquid for anywhere from a few seconds (raw beef) to several minutes (noodles).

Selecting the winning combination from the hundred or so options can be overwhelming. The popular choices include the classic shaved mutton (a staple of hot pot), shrimp, squid, fish ball, different types of tofu, shiitake (or other types of mushroom), lotus root, napa cabbage, and bok choy. If you like offals, also get chicken gizzard and pork blood, which go well with the peanut-based dipping sauce.

Wang Fu's default broth comes in a split pot with a light chicken broth and a somewhat spicier version enhanced by chili paste and chili oil. Toward the end of the meal, the broth transforms into a rich soup from absorbing all the flavors. For dinner, come on the earlier side (before 7 p.m.) for the liveliest ambience.

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