W35 Burger Bar

W35 is a small burger joint on the far end of Budapest's party district. They break down the hamburger-making process into meticulous, scientific steps: a patty forming machine shapes the Angus into uniform sizes, a timer achieves consistent char, and a meat thermometer ensures that all patties are cooked to a juicy, pink-centered, medium-rare doneness. The result is a compact patty exuding a wonderful beefiness and framed by two crisped sesame buns (although the overly aromatic truffle oil doesn't do any favors here).

At €8, the burgers aren't cheap, and not particularly sizeable either: you might have some stomach space left after finishing the 130 gram / 4.6 oz patties. The regular cheeseburger is the way to go as the the soggy, undersized bacon strips are only a distraction. My one annoyance about W35 is how the owner is laying it on thick about his Michelin-starred work experience; at some point, it was even written on the entrance with oversized letters. He should just let the burgers do the marketing.