W35 Burger Bar

W35 is a fast casual burger restaurant in the Jewish Quarter. They break down the hamburger-making process into meticulous, scientific steps: a patty forming machine shapes the Angus beef into uniform sizes, a timer achieves consistent char, and a meat thermometer ensures that all patties are cooked to a juicy, pink-centered, medium-rare doneness. The burgers are compact with a delicious beefiness of the meat, although the aromatic truffle oil feels like a non sequitur here. Framing the burgers are two perfectly crisped sesame buns.

The undersized bacon strips don’t add much to the cheeseburger, so I recommend that you stick to the classic version, which runs €8 and comes with a 130 gram / 4.6 ounce Angus patty (they both come with a few pieces of fries and coleslaw).

I noticed that the owner of W35 Burger Bar is laying it on thick about his Michelin-starred work experience, and that among the dozen photos of him on the wall not one of them shows either of the two employees who actually make the burgers here every day of the week. This, of course, doesn’t detract from the quality of the burgers, but something to think about.