Vintage Garden

Imagine a restaurant that's located right in the heart of Budapest's party district. Add to that mental image a shabby chic interior featuring lots of happy colors and design items with inspirational messages, and a food offering so broad as to include goulash, penne arrabiata, cheeseburger, duck confit, and paleo cake all on the menu. Welcome to Vintage Garden, one of the hottest and busiest restaurants in the Budapest's Jewish Quarter. Despite the unusually expansive culinary reach, the plates that come out of Vintage Garden's kitchen are reliable - the duck confit with gnocchi and apple chutney is particularly good. Any downsides? With many main dishes priced over €15, price points are approaching Budapest Michelin-star levels, which the food isn't. And as for the service, it's unfortunate that the waitstaff can be rude and unprofessional, even when viewed by Hungarian standards.