Natural wines aren’t as big in Hungary as elsewhere globally, but the trend has recently taken off and there now exist a couple of wine bars specializing in this growing genre of low-intervention winemaking. Enter VinoPiano, a below-ground wine bar in Budapest's District 9, a bit outside the city center (if hoppy IPAs are more your speed, make your way across the courtyard to Élesztő, a top craft beer bar run by the same owners).

The selections here aren’t huge, but they include the signature natural wine labels in Hungary: Meinklang, Hummel, Karner, Bencze, and more. The bartenders are happy to give recommendations and pour tastes, and at €4-6 per glass, price points aren't unreasonable. If you live in Budapest, keep an eye out for VinoPiano's regular wine tasting events where you can also meet the winemakers.

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